This stylish starter/gift set includes a Moroccan style stoneware burner, 4 tealights and a selection box of 16 fragrance melts from the themed boxes.  The  burner measures 13.5 cm high,  is 9.5cm in diameter and adds elegance to any room.


You can keep the melts you are not burning in your wardrobe and clothes drawer wrapped in cotton or tissue to fragrance the contents.


  • Flowers - neroli | ylang ylang, the florist, springtime, lavender spa
  • Trees - cuban oak, simply oudh, wild fig, frankincense | myrrh
  • Oriental - simply oudh, jasmine | patchouli, cardamom | mimosa, lemongrass | ginger
  • Fresh - rocksalt | driftwood, lemongrass | ginger, fresh linen, verveine
  • Herbs - citrus basil, fresh mint | rhubarb, lemongrass | ginger, verveine
  • Fruit - fresh mint | rhubarb, pink grapefruit, wild fig, tomato vine

fragrance melts set with burner

    • Place you fragrance melt in your warmer. 
    • Light your tealight or switch on your electric warmer.   
    • Burn for 2-4 hours at one time.
    • The melt will last for 8-10 hours.
    • if you are using an electric warmer which does not have a timer you should use a timer plug and don't forget to turn it off.
    • When your fragrance has finished you can clean the burner by removing the wax.  If it has set just warm it up again for a few seconds and it should slip out easliy.  Wipe the bowl with a paper towel or wash gently with soapy water.