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This stylish starter/gift set includes a choice of three burners, 4 handmade tealights and a selection box of 16 fragrance melts from the themed boxes.  All packed in a box ready for giving.


You can keep the melts you are not burning in your wardrobe and clothes drawer wrapped in cotton or tissue to fragrance the contents.


  • Flowers - neroli | ylang ylang, the florist, springtime, lavender spa
  • Trees - cuban oak, simply oudh, wild fig, frankincense | myrrh
  • Oriental - simply oudh, jasmine | patchouli, cardamom | mimosa, lemongrass | ginger
  • Fresh - rocksalt | driftwood, lemongrass | ginger, fresh linen, mauritius
  • Herbs - peppermint | eucalyptus, fresh mint | rhubarb, lemongrass | ginger, verveine

fragrance melts set with burner

    • Place you fragrance melt in your warmer. 
    • Light your tealight or switch on your electric warmer.   
    • Burn for 2-4 hours at one time.
    • The melt will last for 8-10 hours.
    • if you are using an electric warmer which does not have a timer you should use a timer plug and don't forget to turn it off.
    • When your fragrance has finished you can clean the burner by removing the wax.  If it has set just warm it up again for a few seconds and it should slip out easliy.  Wipe the bowl with a paper towel or wash gently with soapy water.
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